For more than a decade, Guangzhou Sunpark Inflatables Co., Ltd have been a game changer in the inflatables industry. They are the leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of inflatables. Due to their quality products and services, Sunpark has earned positive reputation in the both local and world market particularly in USA, Europe and the Middle East.

All Sunpark products feature 3D designs and are approved and certified by EN14960 meaning all their products meet the set European standards. They have products for all occasions and events. Whether you are planning to host a family day, school carnival, birthday party, graduation party or business brand promotion and more, Sunpark have a comprehensive range of products for you to choose. They are not only dedicated to making your event fun but safe.

SUNPARK Inflatable products

Being one of the largest China inflatables factory, Sunpark manufacturers a variety of products such as landing airbags, inflatable bouncers, slides, sports games, water toys,



amusement parks, combo, obstacle course, balls, tents and advertising inflatables.

Landing airbags

They are the leading landing airbag supplier in China and beyond. They have the highest quality landing airbags that are preferred by most landing enthusiasts. Their landing airbags are made of flexible and high-quality materials that can withstand all forms of impact. They have been professionally sewn and built to last.

Advertising inflatables

Sunpark makes customized advertising inflatables. These are durable giant outdoor balloons that cannot be affected by weather. Advertising inflatable is desirable in case you want to promote your brand, draw traffic to your business or even increase your sales. Advertising inflatables are easy to use and move around. They can fuel customer engagement and improve loyalty. If you’re looking for a cost-effective advertisement, then these inflatables are ideal.

Inflatable water toys

These are designed in various shapes to meet varying needs of users. They include combo, bouncers, slides, jumpers, and rides and much more. These inflatables water toys come with various benefits and are safe for use by children. They are made of environmentally-friendly materials that are non-toxic and are very soft on the skin. They are resistant to striking, jumping and other external impacts. Users can be assured of full safety when using inflatable toys from Sunpark.

Inflatable tents

Sunpark manufactures inflatable tents. They are cheap options for those planning to go on camping vacations. Inflatable tents can be used in parks or used for family events and business meetings. Children can also play insider inflatable tents.
Inflatable balls are good for those who want to have fun outdoors. Sunpark manufactures various inflatable balls and rolls of different sizes and shapes. These balls provide improved balance, flexibility and strength. Therapists use them for vestibular movements and other purposes. These balls have non-slip surfaces making them safe for all users.

Inflatable amusement parks

These are portable and easy to store. Amusement parks are available in different sizes and shapes. They are ideal for those planning to host backyard parties and other events. These inflatables provide a full range of entertainment opportunities to children.

Why choose inflatables from Sunpark?

•Their products are safe and durable. All their inflatables are made of sturdy, soft and enduring materials that can withstand all types of abuse.

•They have affordable products. Whether you are looking for inflatable balls, landing airbags, advertising inflatables for business use or water toys for games, you can be sure to getSoft Landing Airbag for Ski - China Factory Sunpark Inflatables (3) them at reasonable prices. It is even more affordable if you’re ordering in bulk.

•All their products are certified and approved by EN14960. They meet all the set industry standards. They guarantee maximum safety whenever you’re using their products.

•They have professional designers who approve the quality and design of all the inflatables before and after the manufacturing process. Customers can be sure to get personalized inflatable products.

•They provide quality customer service. Sunpark is always ready to meet the needs of each customer. Whether you’re ordering small or bulk quantities, Sunpark takes your needs seriously.

•Regardless of the event or occasion, you’re planning for, Sunpark has inflatables that suit all your needs.


Sunpark Inflatables Co., Ltd is currently among the leading landing airbag manufacturers offering a vast range of inflatables. They have high-quality products that meet the needs of different users. With the aim of manufacturing durable and function-oriented products, Sunpark has garnered a good reputation in both the local and global market.

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