An inflatable air dancer is a tube structure resembling a man popularly known as sky dancer. It is widely used in advertising products/services. It is a long tube of fabric and has two or more than outlets. The outlet is connected to a power source.

It’s important to consider the best quality inflatable air dancers. You can bank on China inflatable dancer for best results for your business thanks to their quality.


Use of inflatable air dancers is an innovative way of advertising your product/service to attract the attention of customers and informing and educating them about your product/service. Inflatable sky man is likely to enhance the ROI on your advertising budget.

When you decide to promote your product/service by advertising with the means of inflated air dancer,


There are multiple benefits of promoting products/services by inflated tubes. This is because it is a potent way of showcasing your product/service, long-lasting, better visibility, and cost-effectiveness.

In view of the benefits just discussed, it’s important to choose quality inflatable sky dancer. China is best known for its inflated sky dancer. There are many companies manufacturing this product.

Sunpark InflatableHigh-Quality-Inflatable-Air-Dancer-Suppliers-in-China-SUNPARK

There are many Inflatable Air Dancer Suppliers in China. Of these, GuangZhou Sunpark Inflatable Co Ltd leads the industry not only in China but in the world as well. Sunpark is best known for the quality of inflatable that it makes and has earned the great repute for the product and service across the world including the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. The company tops in air dancer manufacturers.

Products made by the company

Sunpark Inflatable makes a range of inflatable including inflatable sky dancer, inflatable stunt airbag, inflatable water toys, inflatable slide, inflatable bouncer, inflatable amusement parks, inflatable combos, inflatable ball, inflatable tent, advertising inflatable and many more,

The principal products including stunt airbag, landing airbag, inflatable sports games, custom inflatables, ineffable water park.

Why should I choose Sunpark?

Sunpark has been in the domain of actively designing, developing manufacturing and sales of inflatable sports games, inflatable water parks, making airbag over more than a decade. This has helped the company to hone their expertise to the needs of customizers.

Best quality product at the most economical prices

Most inflatables are confirmed by 3d design prior to manufacturing. The products are duly approved by EN14960 certification as per European Union standards.

Sunpark can help you every moment

The company runs on the mission to help their client out by providing the most optimal products by customizing them. whether it is a birthdays party graduation party, festival or any other occasion, Sunpark can come forward to make the best quality requirement. The company makes sure each of the product made is safe and secure to use for all.

The company is committed to offering quality services to its clients. The company has quality workforce that could meet the challenges that confront the company from time to time.


If you’re planning to get high-quality inflatable sky dancers for your business, and want them in bulk quantities, Sunpark is the best company. You can contact them by email. Alternatively, fill out the Contact Us form on the official website.