Are you looking for the best stunt airbag manufacturers in China? Do you want a quality product to support your stunts? If yes, then you are in the right place. You will find many stunt air bag suppliers in China. However, you will have to choose a reliable name to ensure both your safety and durability of products. In this article, we will discuss such a reputed and experienced manufacturer, Sunpark. This manufacturer is popular for producing quality stunt landing airbag and similar products. Sunpark has more than one decades experience for manufacturing inflatable water parks, inflatable sports games, and inflatable stunt landing airbag. Most of these products get 3D confirmation before manufacturing.

Inflatable Stunt Landing Airbag

Sunpark inflatable landing airbag is made of quality material. They made their products with high-quality fabrics to satisfy customers with the build quality and efficiency. These products are designed to offer unparalleled durability, stylish look, strength, and reliability. It will support your landing and build your confidence with its strength and quality material. In addition, it features two-zone impact absorbing system that means each zone will have its own internal blower system. Each zone will come with several valves that will enable you to adjust the zones accurately and independently. The ultimate result is better control and performance.

When Should You Use Inflatable Stunt Landing Airbag?Hot-Selling-Stunt-Landing-Airbag-Suppliers-&-Wholesale-in-China-SUNPARK

As stated earlier, you can use this stunt landing airbag for a wide range of stunt activities. The well-built material will boost your skill and will offer the desired durability as well. You can use this stunt landing airbag for freestyle snowboard training, snow park/terrain park, freestyle skating, snowboard training, ski bobs, and ringos, tubby jump and toboggan, snow tubing, mountain bike park airbag training platform, FMX training airbag, and many other adventure activities.


Sunpark inflatable lading airbag is made with high PVC tarpaulin material. PVC is fire-retardant, waterproof, and UV protected. The size can be customized depending on the demand of users. The color of this airbag can be customized also. So, if you have some color specification and size requirements, you can talk to the manufacturer directly. You will get a custom made product to meet your specific demands. When it comes to the logo, you can choose from hand printing, silk printing, and digital printing. With this product, you will get a packaging bag and repairing kit for free. The product is also protected by two years warranty. The shipping will be fast and hassle-free as well. They ship products in a durable PVC bag to protect from damage. Also, they use a standard carton box for the blower to prevent any damage during the shipping. The product will be delivered to you within seven to twenty days depending on quantity.

The final products come after a thorough inspection. They do the material fire test and proper observation throughout to produce the best quality and safe products for the benefits of users. If you have any query, you can visit their website to fill their online form to get a fast answer.