The best quality inflatable stunt airbag usually provides very safe features for activities such as freefall, gymnastics, and snowboarding, lifting weights up and down among other activities. This is the reason why we at Sunpark want to give you the very best experience as you carry out your sports activities.

We provide quality air bags that ensure no accidents are recorded or any happenings that tend to injure participants. The materials used to make our inflatable airbags for sports are made of strong PVC material to support even heavy weights landing from a higher point.


Our inflatable air bags are strong enough to support different types of weight. They will not just get torn for example in the case of free fall. They have a reaction force that counters the action on them hence keeping them in great shape and quite strong.

The stunt air bags are also durable. We offer quality inflatable stunt air bags that have a long life span. The Sunpark products will be used for a long time without wearing out or having to do repairs every now and then.
We are trusted by many customers as the leading stunt air bag suppliers in China because our air bags are customizable. We have different shapes of inflatable air bags depending on what type of sport activity you want to use it for. If you want an air bag for free fall, we have you covered, supposing you need one for skiing we also have you covered.

The inflatable air bags require a less storage space. The bag can be folded one not in use to occupy very less storage space. It also means that it can be transported easily since it can only be used when filled with air.

Another great feature is the smoothness of our air bags. This mostly applies to the skiing kind of sport. Our air bag provides the perfect surface to enable skiing activities to take place.

Why We Are the Best Suppliers in ChinaHow-to-find-the-best-Inflatable-Stunt-Air-Bag-Supplier-in-China-SUNPARK

• Accessibility of Our Products

Most of our products are found online. These inflatable air bags for sports are found on our website which is online so basically, anyone can access them easily. You do not have to come physically to our stores to have a look.

We save you on that cost to travel more so if you live far away from the city. We offer our services from both offline and online and the good news is, our online stores operate on a 24-hour basis. It is ever online so you will just order the stunt inflatable air bag at any time you feel like at the comfort of your home.

• High Ranking Quality Inflatables

Sunpark provides the best quality inflatable stunt air bags. Our inflatables are first confirmed using 3D designs before being manufactured. They are then tested again after being manufactured to ascertain whether they meet the set standards for inflatables.

This is usually done before we arraign them for sale in our stores and online. It also happens right before we supply them different stores all over.


Contact us if you are looking for quality inflatable stunt air bags for sporting and gaming activities. You will never regret your decision as we are the best supplier for inflatable air bags in China.