Who We Are

Guangzhou Sunpark Inflatables is top on the list of landing airbag suppliers in China and beyond. The company’s reputation has been built on consistent maintenance of high-grade products and more to quality control so that all esteemed customers are assured of rightfully cashing out. Without limiting on the types of events to provide service, you can count on Sunpark for reliability, worth and most of all satisfaction.

Quality is a priority. All inflatables undergo 3D confirmation prior to manufacturing. Each product meets the EN14960 prerequisites and are approved and verified to meet the European standards. The company’s legitimacy is depicted from the hundreds of reviews online. The internet never lies and users of any of the products from here can testify that the company is at the fore front when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Deeper into Our Inflatable Products

On the China Inflatables Factory list, Sunpark is a notch higher when it comes to solidity. Airbags are professionally designed and manufactured. The craftsmanship is unbeatable with the materials being vetted as high-quality, sturdy, durable and on point when matters aesthetics are put into consideration. While at it, the company strives to ensure it manufactures the best and desirable products for young, active kids keeping in mind immense fun and most importantly their safety.

The company manufactures a wide range of inflatables that will marvel you. Get in touch if you need

Inflatable stunt air bags
Inflatable sport games
Inflatable water toys
Inflatable bouncers
Inflatable slides
Inflatable amusement parks
Inflatable combos
Inflatable obstacle courses
Inflatable balls
Inflatable tents

From this list you can see that production is quite exclusive under each category are different designs and types of the inflatables that you can choose from. The company has in mind that colors brighten the lives of kids. We do not do dull. We are bubbly, colorful and fun-loving. Too irresistible that all children will love our products. We love to see a smiles as children roll and toss on our products.

Why Settle For Sunpark as Service Providers



Stunt Airbag Manufacture is among our major areas of production but we are an all-round company dealing with manufacture, supply and delivery, customer attention with regards to our products. We have all the qualities a prospective customer would list when looking for a supplier. Here is why you do not have to look elsewhere:

Quality Guaranteed

All our products are made from high-grade material that is sturdy and durable. Just for keeps- products are all certified as per the EN14960 requirements and meet the European standards. We are on point when it comes to quality control. Crap is something we don’t know about.

Collections and Assortments

We definitely have everything you need on matters inflatables. Talk of versatility, we are well stocked with different categories and types of fun inflatables that your kids need for events and home use. No limits on the number to order. We are here to meet all your needs.

Products backed with Warranties

Most companies do not do this but we find it worth it for all our customers. All our products come with warranties to cater for any repairs, servicing, and replacement if need be. But we assure you that the products are durable rarely will you notice something needed for fixing or rectification. We are not blowing our horns but our customers from reviews can testify to durability.

Short Time Deliveries

Our companies makes deliveries worldwide and aren’t limiting on the number of products to order. Wholesale and retail are all acceptable. Depending on your quantity, it might take between 7 and 20 days. Shipment is by air, sea or express. Quite a relief for clients who think they need to come onsite for collection.

Friendly Payment Terms

We are not mean. We allow 50% down payment via TT or Western Union and the balance be sent prior to shipping. Who else is this friendly on matters money if not us?

Wrap Up

We are one of China’s and the world’s best Landing Airbag with Ramp factories. We are reachable through the contact person address, cellphone and Whatsapp, Skype and walk-ins to our offices. For enquiries and placement of orders, contact us. We are prompt and will give clarification to your satisfaction. We value you!