Best Extreme Sports Stunt Airbags For Your Inflatable Market

Best Extreme Sports Stunt Airbags For Your Inflatable Market

Best Extreme Sports Stunt Airbags For Your Inflatable MarketWhen you are in need of a top quality, highly durable and price worthy safety inflatable stunt air bag with the motive of protecting people from risky falls, then the right choice in China will be SUNPARK .

Unlike other numerous poor quality inflatable stunt airbag manufacturers, that propel customers’ rear into the air, Sunpark creates utmost safety platforms in a customized manner understanding their distinct customer needs for the money payable.

  • They ensure to make their inflatable equipped for safety landing of the user while flips as the stunt airbag will withhold the pressure. It is absolutely suitable to make use in extreme sports zones, commercial building, civil rescue and amusement parks. As their products are versatile to make use, more than one person can land at a same time without facing any accommodating issues.
  • The special feature about their company Jump airbags are they get reset immediately facilitating consecutive climbing or jumping of several persons one by one without any break.
  • They can land anywhere in the bag even at the very edge of the airbag.

Our specialized design with the inclusion of absolute shock absorbers facilitates the user to experience smooth landing without any strain. Instead of using foam pit, using these inflatable will make it perfect especially in the places like extreme sports training centers and gymnastics.

Top most benefits of purchasing stunt airbags from Sunpark

Guaranteed Products

All the products sold by Sunpark are specially designed, developed and manufactured by themselves unlike others who outsource all the services and just market the product on their name.

Their products hit the market after stringent tests to ensure the quality and safety.

The raw materials being used by them are of high quality which is incorporated under advanced innovative hi-tech production procedures to offer guaranteed best quality products to the people.


As per the unique needs of your needs, Sunpark is specialized in manufacturing landing airbags. Irrespective of the size and shape you may be in need, they provide customer-friendly services with their professionally expertise team. It is easy for the people to land on any part of the bag as their products are designed to withstand against all sorts of hard jerks and pressure.

You may use it for snowboarding, skiing, free fall, FMX, mountain bikes, trampolining, and gymnastics and so on.

Their products are used widely at bike parks, dry slopes, gymnastic clubs, and theme parks, climbing centers, high rope parks, terrain parks, indoor trampoline parks and even more.

As they have served many places, they have got enough experience and knowledge that permitting them to serve you regardless of your demands related to quality, safety and durability.

Utmost Safety Products

Safety is the prime factor which they seem to consider in every walks of their airbags making and their zero compromise towards quality is being the secret of their success. They confidently claim that their all sort of stunt airbag products are the safest in the industry. They gained huge customer support for their product longevity and the terms of safety aspects offered by it. They also offer complete customer training that includes both theoretical and practical session for better understanding on how to make optimum use of the product in their specific sports zone. Training offered to the customers on how to assemble, disassemble, pack, move and maintain the inflatable. They are very keen about customers’ safety and hence such training session will speak about their trustworthy service.

Professional Designers

A good choice of stunt airbag suppliers will recognize how important the appearance for their clients is. So, they generally own a team of professional qualified designed team who works closely with their clients with the aim of creating branding for your stunt airbag. Such branding concept included airbags will express your company’s brand message in accuracy and unparallel quality.

Sunpark are specialized in making such brand marketing stunt airbags and also every time prior creating the customized airbags, they ensure to get confirmation from their clients by showing the realistic 3D models of their product. This enables the customers to visualize their expected product and can plan how it can fit their needs and unique branding concept.


The quality of service offered by company is generally measured with the certificates that it has gained. As far as Sunpark, as a leading China inflatable manufacture, it has got EN14960 certification for their high standard products that visibly portray their top notch quality.

Welcome to visit SUNPARK and Send Us Inquiry:

Address: 2nd Floor, Building 12, Hongfeng Creative Art Center, Huangshi road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China


Cell / WhatApp: +86-15820256500

How Much Does Inflatable Stunt Air Bag Cost From China Supplie

How Much Does Inflatable Stunt Air Bag Cost From China Suppliers

How Much Does Inflatable Stunt Air Bag Cost From China SupplieThere are lots of reputed companies that are into manufacturing of different types of air bags. So, it is very important that you find out the one that you think is top class and sells bags at reasonable rates. The Stunt Air Bag is also something that many people wish to purchase and only reputed companies make it.

One such company that sells it and that too at affordable rate is SUNPARK Company – Your Best Inflatable Suppliers From China.

Across the world there are many Inflatable Airbag Suppliers so you need to look for the ones that are offering you top class quality along with compatible rates. If the quality is good then only customers will prefer to buy it not otherwise. So, the manufacturer needs to take and see if the product that is made is of good quality so that the sale increases.

The rate of each airbag is written below it so you can very well view the same. The purpose for the use of the airbag is also mentioned properly so you can read it and know it better.

Protect Yourself From Fall With Best Airbags

Remember if the airbag is of excellent quality you will be totally happy for the money that you have paid. Based on the product you will choose the rate will vary and it depends on the buyer which air bag the customer wants to buy. The Inflatable Fall Protection will never disappoint you and you will enjoy using the same.

These air bags are manufactured in many countries so try to buy form the company that you think is the best one. One needs to remember that if the product is of superior quality customers will surely like it and will prefer to buy it at any cost. So, the company should always remember that there should be no compromise on quality at any cost.

The Air Bag China Manufacturer will never disappoint you and there are many orders that are placed almost daily for these air bags.

SUNPARK Company has till date satisfied many customers and in future as well there are many customers that it will satisfy.

All the products that are sold on this site are amazing and worth buying.

Do not forget to write reviews and feedbacks so that others also get inspired to buy it after reading it.

Through this site there are many orders that are booked and this shows that this site is top class when it comes to buying the airbags.

The satisfaction that you will get when you will buy from this site cannot be compared with any other thing.

Airbags Available in Different Styles And Colors

SUNPARK Company is know from manufacturing airbags not only of good quality but it is also know for making airbags of different colors as well. You as a customer can also pick from different styles as well. There are landing and freestyle airbags both available on this site. So, you can buy whichever you wish to buy for yourself. Stunt airbag is also there so you need not worry in this aspect at all. Place the order for one that you like the most and enjoy using the same. Any information that you want is easily available on the site so you can view it.

The material with which these airbags are made is excellent and this is the reason more and more people prefer to buy from here. You can also refer your friends if they are interested in buying the airbags of excellent quality. Many orders are placed almost daily and almost all the customers are satisfied with the product.

Special care is taken to see that the customers are satisfied and this is the reason for this company become so popular.

The colors that are used are vibrant so when you will see it you will like it very much. It is the choice of the buyer to purchase as per their wish. No matter, from which company you will buy you need to have full information about that company. Do not buy from the company that is not reputed one and does not have return or exchange policy.

Check out if the rates that company is offering are reasonable enough for that particular air bag or not.