Over 10 Years Manufacturing Experiences

Guangzhou Sunpark Inflatables Co., Ltd.

have been active in design, manufacturing and sales of  Inflatable Airbags, Inflatable Theme Park, Inflatable Sport Games, Water Games, Advertising Inflatables for over 10 years.

One of the leading inflatable manufacturers in China

Sunpark Inflatables had earned a reputation for quality and service in the world market, especially in Europe, USA, Australia and Middle East.

Our main products include:

Inflatable Airbags for Extreme Sports, Inflatable Sport Games, Water Inflatables and Advertising Inflatables.

Quality Assured

3D design will be sent for your review before production. Our inflatable products are approved by EN14960 certification which meets European standard, fan passed CE certificate.

Excellent Quality

As a professional factory of heavy duty inflatable device, we use thick material always to manufacture commercial grade inflatable products, so that our products working life is longer than those made by our competitors. Certainly, we use the famous brand “PLATO” which is widely used and recognized the best in inflatables industry. Our workers have 5 years of experience or above in our industry, they know how to make inflatables in a right way, such as where should be reinforced, where should be double stitched etc. Therefore, material or workmanship of our products can be guaranteed in highest standard, that’s the reason we are getting better and better for a long way.

Production Technology: Mature Sewing Techniques

Our sewing machine has special double needle to sew materials together with 0.75mm thread which is for strengthening the seams to decrease the likelihood of damage. For those inflatables are not heavy duty, some factories will use thinner thread, like 0.5mm or below. With specialized sewing techniques, our experienced workers will use double stitching or quadruple stitching based on weakness of products. All of our inflatables are sewn together in a right way as to create a flat and smooth appearance.

One-stop Service

No matter you buy our products in personal or in company’s name, we can offer solutions for all steps. Just let us know what inflatable item you have interest, dimensions and your budget. From design to the end you get real product, we have rich experience to make you satisfied with your order.

Production Technology: High-precision Heat Welded

For airtight inflatables and top sheet of airbags, seams strength must be strong enough to withstand heavy impact and abrasion-resistance, our high-precision heat welded machines play an important role to make sure those come out in highest standard with high efficiency.

What occasions will you use our products?

For inflatable airbag, it can be used as your personal training in your backyard, demo, bike parks, FMX parks, MX shows, ski resorts, trampoline parks, gymnastics club, adventure parks, bungee jump centers, slack line challenge, free drop etc.

For inflatable sports games, as all our inflatables can be portable, they can be used anywhere or anytime as you like, indoor or outdoor, such as Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Team Building, End of Year Function, Sports Teams Get-togethers, School Trips, Holiday Programs, friend play-days, daily entertainments etc.

For advertising inflatables, they can be put any conspicuous position to catch the eye, not limited to public event, shopping malls, wedding, carnival etc.

Olympic Size Inflatable Airbag for Snowboard

Get In Touch With SUNPARK

Thank you for your review on our company profile, we sincerely hope we have a chance to work with you, no matter where you are from, buy inflatables for personal use or in company’s name.

Let’s work together and creat a new milestone in inflatable industry. We insist on providing best service, high quality with reasonable price, integrity management, which will make our business expanded and meet the constant increasing needs well in inflatable market. For us, we will continue to develop high-quality inflatables to open up broad market, SUNPARK INFLATABLES sincerely hope that we can cooperate with all friends who have interest in inflatables in the world.


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