Inflatable Mirror Ball

Transform any event into a mesmerizing spectacle with our stunning range of Inflatable Mirror Balls! These eye-catching spheres, crafted with durable PVC materials, boast a seamless illusion from afar, creating an enchanting, reflective ambiance.

What is Inflatable Mirror Ball?

Inflatable mirror balls are spherical decorative pieces made from durable double layer PVC materials. They’re designed to replicate the appearance of traditional mirror balls but in an inflatable form. These balls feature a reflective surface that mimics the mirrored effect found on classic disco balls, creating an illusion of a shimmering, reflective sphere.

Where to use PVC Mirror Balls?

They’re commonly used in various events and settings for decorative purposes. Ceiling decor, Large scale props,  Event Design,  Oversized Christmas Ornaments,  Upscale hotels, resorts, Rental Companies, Event Design, Convention Centers, Trade shows,  Fashion Shows,  Concert décor,  Tent design, Mall décor, Dance floors,  Night Clubs,  Lighting Design

How to keep Giant Inflatable Mirror Spheres well?

1. Check and test the Inflatable Chrome Balls before use in the right occasion.
2. Do not place product near potential fire hazard or sharp objects.
3. Do not use product in strong wind or extreme weather
4. Never store the product wet.
5. Mirror balls are used for decoration ONLY.


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