Beach Games and Fun!

You may visit the beach millions of times, but it never gets boring. And when there are kids with you, their laughter and excitement make things even more fun and interesting.

There are a lot of games you can play at a beach or anywhere, where there’s water, like a water park or a lake or even a pool in your own house. Playing with the same beach ball every time when you head out for a beachy experience can get boring over time, but we’ve got something to
make it exciting – The inflatable banana boat!

The inflatable banana boat is an amazing thing to make your beach experiences a thousand times more fun and interesting. These inflatable game boats come in various sizes and can accommodate 3 to 12 people, or even more since you can get a boat of your own custom design!

Inflatable Banana Boat

If you’re heading out to a nearby lake or a beach and want to make things more interesting than ever before, you’re in luck if you have one or more of our china inflatable boats. With these boats you can explore around, race with each other and have the thrill of an actual boating experience.

The boats are non-powered, they are towed by a motor boat. The passengers can house themselves on the boat depending on the design of the
boat and its accommodation. There are two inflatable tubes on each side of the boats that act as a support and balance the boat to keep it steady.

Since the boat is inflatable, its super light, you can get super-fast in a matter of seconds and make sharp turns in a fraction of the time of a regular boat.

There are many designs you can get the banana boat in, they have different designs according to the accommodation capacity. You can get a boat that fits 3 people or take it up to 12.

The option to customize your boat before ordering makes it a great value. You can get the boat customized according to the seats and even the color!Best-Inflatable-Water-Banana-Boat-Suppliers-&-Exporters-in-China-SUNPARK

Guangzhou Sunpark Inflatables Co.

Sunpark has been manufacturing from inflatable sport games, water parks to landing airbags and more for over 10 years. Being one of the leading inflatable manufacturers in China has brought the company excellent reputation for having outstanding service, quality throughout the global market.

The products are exported especially in USA, Europe and the Middle East because of the great value and quality that the company offers.
Sunpark are the biggest china banana boat suppliers because the products always bring their customers joy at a fantastic value.

Sunpark Banana Boat Factory

Our banana boat factory is comprised of highly trained professionals that get the best done to maintain the excellent reputation of the company.

The material area contains all of the materials that are used to manufacture all of the inflatables. From there the materials are transferred to the cutting machine where they are cut into the right shape and then different departments like sewing, hot welder machine, and the inspection
department make sure that the product is perfect to be shipped away.

3D design technology is used before the manufacturing process to get the most accurate shapes and designs. The products are EN14960 certification approved stating that they meet the European standards.