Find Reliable Soft Sloped Landing Airbag for Extreme Sports

In order to make inflatable games easier to play it is important to find reliable inflatable landing pads so that the players can land comfortably without any injury. You can find a variety of inflatable bags in the market like inflatable jump bags, trampoline airbags, stunt airbag, and big airbags, etc. to choose from. But the inflatable airbags offered by Sunpark Inflatables Co. Ltd in China are considered the best. So, Sunpark can be the most reliable source to get soft sloped landing airbags for inflatable games in China. The information provided here under will help you to know more about Sunpark and its products.

About Sunpark Inflatables Co. LtdSunPark-Sunpark inflatables-Logo

Sunpark Inflatables Co. Ltd is a Chinese company based in Guangzhou that is known to design, manufacture and sell a wide range of Inflatable Sport Games, inflatable water parks and inflatable bags in China since last more than 10 years.

Range of products produced by Sunpark

The inflatable bags and other products produced by this company include stunt airbag, landing airbag, custom inflatables, inflatable water parks, and inflatable sport games, inflatable bouncers, inflatable amusement park, inflatable Obstacle course, inflatable balls, inflatable combo, inflatable advertising products, and inflatable tents, etc.

Quality of products produced by Sunpark

Before manufacturing any of the inflatable products Sunpark confirms the quality and utility of its products by creating their 3D design. In order to meet the standard requirements of its European customers, Sunpark gets its products approved by EN14960 Certification.

The main aim of the company

While manufacturing and selling various types of inflatable products Sunpark focuses on making the products that can be used in any kind of event whether it is a birthday party, company family party, graduation party, school carnival, promotion of a store or festival, etc. While fulfilling the requirements of its clients Sunpark aims at making their events safe and funny.

Soft sloped landing airbag for inflatable games produced by Sunpark

The soft sloped landing airbag produced by Sunpark for other inflatable games provides unbeatable durability, reliability, good looks and strength because it is made from the advanced fabric of high quality. There are two impact-absorbing zones in this inflatable landing airbag to provide enough protection to the kids jumping on it. Each zone has its own internal blower system to inflate it individually as per your requirement. Air can be adjusted precisely and independently in each zone because both of them have several valves for this purpose.

This soft sloped landing airbag can be used perfectly for safety in the Snow Park and terrain park, for the training of freestyle snowboarding and big air free skiing. It can also be used as an alternative training platform used for BMX Park, Mountain Bike Training or as Foam Pit for Snow tubing, FMX Training Airbag, Ringos, Tubby Jump and Toboggan, Freefall Slide and Ski Bobs, etc.

Reasons to choose Sunpark for buying a soft sloped landing airbag

One of the main reasons to consider Sunpark to buy the sloped landing airbag is that the inflatable products manufactured and supplied by them are made from strong, soft, safe the durable materials so that they can withstand abuses of all types.

Sunpark manufactures and supplies all the Chinese inflatable products at very reasonable prices so that everyone can afford to buy them to make his/her event more enjoyable and fun. They can be more affordable for you if you buy them in large quantities.

Another reason to rely on Sunpark for all types of inflatable products is that their products are approved and certified by EN14960 certification to meet the standards of their European clients. Along with it, Sunpark also guarantees the safety of its products so that anyone can use them without any issue.

The team of professionals designers of Sunpark approves the design of all the inflatable products manufactured and supplied by them according to the requirements of its customers to ensure the reliability of the product and safety of the users. This aspect has made Sunpark the leading company in the Chinese industry of inflatable products.


So, you can rely on Sunpark Inflatables Co. Ltd for all types of inflatable landing pads, inflatable jump bags, trampoline airbags, stunt airbag, and big airbags so that the safety of their users can be ensured. They have manufactured soft sloped landing airbag for inflatable games for the same purpose only.

SUNPARK Inflatables

Over 10 Years Manufacturing Experiences

Sunpark Inflatables had earned a reputation for quality and service in the world market, especially in Europe, USA, Australia and Middle East.

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